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It’s Happening!

HarpSoulRising for World Culture

with focus on the needs of Ukraine

The initiatives of 100 Therapeutic Harpers from all harp therapy programs and those who have donated funds have created a beautiful project that can be offered to Hospices, Hospitals, Funeral Homes, Support Centers, Senior Homes and Community Groups. Our first Contemplative Program for addressing grief, CoVid, war and personal loss will be distributed to as many places as possible. As a donor, you will receive USBs to take to your local facilities. A perfect reflective and uplifting journey through specially chosen songs to bring about Light and Hope. For therapeutic harp players, this may help to open the doors for you as we begin to integrate back into our person-to-person jobs.

For music lovers, your donation will help others the same way that you see your loved ones enjoying the music. Be a part of bringing peace and calm to our world culture by supporting our collective mass harp playing collages and exquisite solos of heartfelt, contemplative, prescriptive and uplifting music.

A focus at this time is raising awareness about the situation in Ukraine. You might ask how this can be done with harp music. Through the ages in Greece, Egypt, Israel, Celtic Lands, music has existed to address the mental state of people. From King David playing for Saul, to Pythagoras bringing forth the sacred geometry of the Music of the Spheres and to the Blind Harpers taking music to homes, it has had its healing qualities documented through the centuries.

When thinking of the situation in Ukraine, we think of the children who will carry this experience with them throughout their lives. Then there are the soldiers: we know only too well how PTSD affects service men and women in wars. And what about the women taking care of the children, worrying about their loved partners and leaving their homes? And lest we forget, the elderly have been through this, some many times before. This is why Christina Tourin, both a trained Music Therapist and Therapeutic Harp Practitioner, has chosen Doctors without Borders – Ukraine, to earmark designated money to go to long and short term Mental Health relief areas. Alongside Music and Art Therapists, we offer Therapeutic Music in many ways.  From the various strains of music for soothing, sleeping, and uplifting, we can offer our talents to help in shelters and groups for those who are working with children, veterans, families and the elderly. This can happen in facilities at home or abroad! 

An interesting article in VOICES by Alan Turry addresses the question:

Is the Work of Musicians and Music Therapists Very Different?

“What a professional musician does as opposed to what a music therapist does seems to have many of the same results; results that can be and are accomplished in many same circumstances and situations” he states. Reading Mr. Turry’s article, a musician or group might perform a concert at a senior centre, a school, a hospital or a shelter. He writes that performing music can have healing power for people who attend concerts or listen to music initially. As trained or untrained, amateur or professional performers, many would agree that this can be absolutely true.

We, in the Therapeutic Music trained world, understand the importance of in-depth study in counseling skills, hospital procedures, medicines, and the vibrational effects of sound upon a person’s emotional, psychological and physical bodies. Yet we do not dismiss the outcomes that a professional musician can accomplish as well. We call this Convergence.

No one owns music, but we all have a place in this sonic world as Barbara Crowe, our revered Professor of the IHTP points out. Our music therapy is a specified training that goes deeply into the roots of the problems that have led the person to need help. The therapist is trained to work on changing behavior with the use of instruments, song and specific diagnostic aids. The Therapeutic Musician is trained to use the elements of music itself to help the client/listener access their own healing and they will follow the person with their expertise on the instrument and understanding of Resonance. In our Convergence training we make use of Guided imagery with Music, Art, Poetry, Movement and Social Consciousness themes, practised by both Therapeutic Musicians and Music Therapists; we all have a place to aid in mental health. It simply needs to be understood who does what with the training they have acquired. Not all people will have access to trained Music Therapists and/or a trained Therapeutic Harp Practitioner, but they can be helped by the music we provide to send to these facilities and shelters.

Our HarpSoulRising program began in 2020 when Joshua Leeds, our Psychoacoustics Professor announced that it is our Culture that is in need of healing. Therefore, this program grew out of the inspiration of what we, as therapeutic harpers, could do to offer music for the Cultures around the world.  The music on the USBs is divided into various time frames so that facilities can show a part of the program or all of it in its entirety.  Along with that, the music was based on the Celtic Circle (the ancient strains of Celtic Music – Suantraighe, Goltraighe and Geantraighe) where music starts out with calming music; then enters a reflective stage – the cocoon of our soul and then emerges with rays of music reaching upwards for all the butterflies being released to our core being.

Here are some pictures from our videos showing songs in collages, solos, duets, movement and art.

Please make a donation that will not only provide you with the USBs but will help many people in the facilities in your country or for the Ukraine where you present your gift. You may donate and specify that you would like your donation to go:

to our fund for raising money for Mental Health/Relief Fund in Ukraine
2) to create more USBs to reach more facilities.
Angel Harps is a 501 c3 non-profit organization and your donation is tax deductible. On request, we will supply you with the information to claim your tax deduction.

Thank you for your generosity!

Music is an International Language!

‘Suggested’ donations are:
$25.00 for 1 USB
$45.00 for 2 USBs
$60.00 for 3 USBs
Anything above these donations will allow us to gift more USBs to facilities
The USBs will be sent directly to you, for you to share with your facilities, while the designated  percentage of your donation as stated in your personal note will go to either production of more USBs or to the Ukraine Fund.

You may choose to be recognized for your donation or remain anonymous, just indicate in the personal note.

Please make your gift check out to:
‘Angel Harps’
and mail it to
Angel Harps, P.O.Box 333, Mount Laguna, CA 91948

If you prefer to make a bank transfer, please CONTACT US.