June 24-July 1, 2023

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We invite you to spend a splendid week with us in IONA. We have 9 openings. You will be in the company of leaders in the harp community who are attending Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, the UK and the Americas. The focus is on music, prose and poetry, Ceile De Celtic history, music of Hildegard von Bingen and Bridgit. On the other hand, if you don’t want to attend the morning info sessions and just want to enjoy the island, you can simply come and stroll the 3 mile Island where EICSE – the veil that is thin at the brink of the waters provides total inspiration!  The lovely music will likely be floating in the air!.

Among the many wonderful offerings on the island, one can sit in the Hermit Cell where the Book of Kells is believed to be partially illumined; see if you hear the wee folk at the Fairy mound; bless yourself with the waters the Holy Well of Eternal Youth on the top of Dun I; sit and reflect at the pristine White Sands by the Strand of the Monks; enjoy listening (or playing with others) in the sanctuary of the St. Columba Monastery; search for your serpentine gem through all the pink and green polished stones on Stone Beach; enjoy the delectable display of food at our St. Columba hotel and most of all, be with like-minded people!

During one of my Retreats on IONA, I heard many tunes floating in my head entering through EICSE. I jotted them down on my little manuscript paper, and once home, went into the studio and made an album.  You can listen to the images of IONA on Spotify under Christina Tourin – IONA INSPIRATIONS.
The Retreat week is very affordable and you will meet fascinating people. You will find more information in the above PDF.  We hope you can join us.  If you have friends you that you would like to travel with, at this point there are still openings. Spouses and partners are welcomed. 
Contact CHRISTINA quickly if you are interested.


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