Creative Harp 1- 10 Support Papers

The following Support Papers are Password Protected.

Please contact Christina if you have purchased the Creative Harp Lessons and are in need of the Streaming code.  Below is the code for the support papers that go with the DVDs of which your code should be on the container.  If you have the stream but cannot find the code, contact her with any questions.

  US formatted print Support Papers


European (EU) formatted print papers.

01 Introduction-EU

01 Introduction-US

02 Dorian-EU

02 Dorian-US

03 Aeolian-EU

03 Aeolian-US

04 Mixolydian-EU

04 Mixolydian-US

05 Locrian-EU

05 Locrian-US

06 Ionian-EU

06 Ionian-US

07 Angel-EU

07 Angel-US
08 Middle Eastern-EU

08 Middle Eastern-US

09 Chinese Five Elements-EU

09 Chinese Five Elements-US

10 CelticCircle-pass-EU

10 Celtic Circle-US