Learn & Play

No harp teacher near you?
Study from your own home through our multi-level programs by harp educator extraordinaire, Christina Tourin!

Christina’s tutorials will help you explore countless ways to enjoy the harp and harp playing.

Whether you are a new beginner looking to learn the harp or an advanced player yearning to develop interesting new improvizations and compositions, she will have the right group for you. All lessons can lead to a career in therapeutic harp playing if you are interested. 

You can enjoy receiving beautifully tailored videos on a bi-weekly basis with the option to attend alternating bi weekly webinars for zoom screen tips or simply to join and learn from others. 

You can find out more about Christina’s Tutorials and sign in at this LINK. 

What you will learn from Christina’s 5-Star Program through the 5 Rotations:

  1. Improvisation – patterns to develop the ear
  2. Technique
  3. Repertoire – 40 new beautiful tunes in 4 rotations
  4. Arranging – where is that chord that harmonizes?
  5. Composition – creating your own music

Classes open in both September and January of each year. Each of the rotations include 10 lessons over a 3 month period for $160.00  – only $16.00/lesson. By signing up for the tutorials, you will also receive a 50% discount on the Creative Harping Signature series, available both as streams or dvds (+s/h).