Healing Music

Christina’s compositions and arrangements are superbly transcribed into clear notation for harpists of all levels to enjoy.

Many of her books offer three arrangements of each song so that harpists of all levels can have a successful experience re-creating the tunes they hear on the CDs.

Healing music for Harp and Piano

The Healing Music Book Series comprising of Illuminations and Inspirations offer songs that are used throughout hospital and hospitals.

Explore the Healing Music series to learn about:

• Five qualities of individualized music
• Mood of the Music
• Tempos
• Resonant Tone
• Intervals
• Musical Codas/Notation
• Intervals
• Tone Quality and Deliverance of Music
• Genre (11 categories with guide of popular music by year)
and much more…

White Rose Music Book with CD


White Rose music-book and CD by Christina Tourin – Innovative and magical harp music centered around the theme of the rose, in many colors and forms. Intermediate level.

Healing Music Series