Greetings to Sunday Meditations!

My New Year’s Resolution. This year I am offering you a 5-10 minute reflection through visuals and harp music that I have composed or arranged. I offer for you to have the opportunity to spend a few moments to stretch; do yoga; to meditate; to center yourself; to go within and focus on your day; to give thanks; or to pray for a loved one. Whether you live near your place of worship or far away, my hope is that each Sunday you will enjoy these moments of reflection that I have put together for you.  Please use the opt-in form if you would like to receive these short meditations.

Let me access the meditations...

I and many others are very concerned for our world. Knowing the positive differences that music brings to those in hospitals, hospices, schools and nursing homes, I have decided to bring the music to those also in good health. Keeping your health means then that you can lift up the world in the ways that you also know how to do. It is about creating the flow of goodness through our talents.

If you like the music that you hear, then there will be a link where you can download the album for a nominal fee. The proceeds will go to our non-profit 501C-3 organization Angel Harps where we provide harps for Children’s Hospitals. If you choose to donate in this way, please know that you are helping to create the flow of music and peace in the world.

Thank you and blessings, Christina

Sunday Meditations



This is one of my favourite songs that we present. Ave Maria by G. Caccini. I am offering it as a meditation for Compassion for Humanity.

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