Small – Bedside Therapy Harps

Even Song

Therapy Harp 26 String “Even Song – by Stoney End Walnut or Cherry, 26 strings, from C one octave below Middle C: 3 1/2 octaves.Fs, Cs, and Bs Truitt levers, adjusting tool, tuning wrench, adjustable bridge pins and tool, Kneebones, Shoulder Strap with mounting buttons, full set of extra strings, padded case, cradle stand and carrying bag, 5 year warrantee. 9.5 pounds 41 inches high, 21 deep and 10 wide.

NOTE: The harp cradle for parking only comes with the package with Full Truitts is now $1799 retail. The package includes a harp cradle, wrench, knee bones , 26 Truitt levers, padded harp strap, book, charts , adjustable bridge pins, LOGO padded harp bag, cradle bag, lever adjustment and bridge pin tools.

The playing base is available now but is an extra $95 retail.  The harp has to ship n 2 boxes to keep within 130 inches guidelines.

Pkg 7A – partial Truitt levers on C’s & F’s

includes padded case


Pkg 7B – Full set of Truitt Levers

includes padded case


County Cork

The County Cork by Jeff Gaynor – These harps are outfitted with the levers on the Cs, Fs. This harp is a bit bigger than a Therapy Harp but small enough to be portable with the extra octave + to give a full sound.

The County Cork 26 comes with padded carrying case and tuning wrench: It is 44” high with stand attached, 21” deep, has a 10″ wide sound box and weighs 16 pounds.

This harp comes in either Cherry or Walnut – shown here is Walnut (see Cherry wood under County Kerry harps)

Pkg 9A – partial Truitt levers on C’s & F’s

Extra sharping levers  $16.00 each, installed


Pkg 9B – Full Set of Truitt levers on C’s & F’s

Extra sharping levers  $16.00 each, installed