Rainbow of Sound®

The use of color and alliteration help to reinforce concepts. This program is suitable for all ages beginning with very young children. Note: please encourage the young child to explore the instrument until around the age of six before expecting serious note-reading skills.

Harp Instructor, Carol McLaughlin, Harp Professor Emeritus, from the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ and director of the famed Harp Fusion ensemble commends the method as “exceptional” and suggests that this unique approach be applied to college level harp study.

    Welcome to the Rainbow of Sound®

    Book+DVD Series – learn to play harp AND read music!
    Learn how to play the harp with:

    1. the basics of technique
    2. Posture
    3. Tuning
    4. Note-reading
    5. Improvisation
    6. repertoire with beautiful stories and images.
    The DVDs are most effective with the music books. We offer them separately for those who have previously purchased the books without the DVDs


    Books & DVDs