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Illuminations MP3 Download from the Heavenly Realm by Christina Tourin – This album features 22 original compositions by harpist Christina Tourin, inspired by the theme of the labyrinth.


Labyrinthian Music (Music for Contemplation and Healing)

This album features 22 original compositions by harpist Christina Tourin, inspired by the theme of the labyrinth.

“To journey to the center of the labyrinth is to experience the most inner illumined part of your being. The compositions that you hear on this album have come from that very special place. With each musical gift of a tune that I have received, I pass them on with a little memo found within regarding their origins.” – Christina Tourin

The CD’s sleeve-notes include the ‘memos’ to which Christina refers above. Here are examples of the first few tracks:

  1. The Dawn Early morning I awoke in Ireland and drove through the countryside through the gray mist, watching the yellow sun pierce its rays upon an old castle ruin. This tune filled my head as I drove through this magical, beautiful countryside.
  2. Cridhe Cridhe means ‘heart’ in Gaelic.  I read a story about a young girl who lived in the Scottish Highlands and had been given her grandfather’s beloved harp upon his death. The name of the harp was Cridhe. This tune came to me as I reflected upon all the many things that touch our hearts.
  3. Shadow Spirit As I was waiting for a bride to arrive at a church in Essex, VT, the sun’s rays poured through the stained glass windows and fell upon the harp’s soundboard in rich purple and blue hues. Purple is said to be the color of Spirit, and blue the color of mystery.

These beautiful compositions are also available in printed form in the 140-page music book, Healing Music Vol.1: Illuminations for harp players and students of Christina’s International Harp Therapy Program.

See also CD/audio-album Iona Inspirations, as well as Healing Music Vol 2: Inspirations book.

“In this sweet work, Christina combines her superb creative abilities as a composer with an unparalleled technique on harp.” – Richard Fuller, MP Review, 1/15/2000

Here’s a sound file (that you can also download) with a sample from each track

Track listing: (CLICK on the title to jump to that part of the sample…)

  1. The Dawn (3:34)
  2. Cridhe – adjoins track
  3. Shadow Spirit (4:09)
  4. White Rose (2:56)
  5. Snowy Wood (4:54)
  6. Little Dove (3:36)
  7. Light of Life (5:29)
  8. Annwvyn (3:04)
  9. Love of Creation/The Dove (4:41)
  10. Illumination ( 0:30)
  11. Anam Cara (2:47)
  12. Cassandra’s Dream (3:50)
  13. Diamonds From Heaven (2:32)
  14. Unité (3:59)
  15. Cherubim (2:01)
  16. Seal Lullaby (2:30)
  17. Harbor Cove (4:55)
  18. Tranquility/Reflections (7:03)
  19. Gentle Souls (3:29)
  20. Jessiebelle of Silbury Hill (1:50)
  21. Endearment (2:48)
  22. Starlight (2:56)

All compositions by Christina Tourin © 2004

Harp & Keyboards: Christina Tourin
Kim Robertson: harp (trk 1)
Salina Briseno: voice (trk 2)
Christine Alicot: flute (trk 3)
Karen Kevra: flute (trk 4)
Judith Hitt: cello (trk 5)
Chris Michell: flute (trk 6)

Harps used in this recording: Hidden Valley – Petite Model, Glen Hill – Electric Harp, Rydecki – Luthien, William Rees – Glen Aulin

Label: Emerald Harp Productions

Amazon customer reviews:

(Both these reviews make reference to Illuminations Healing Music Vol.1 – the book of printed music for harp players.)

As Great as I’ve Heard I’ve listened to the CD for a while, which was very helpful when I received the music [book]. I’m a beginner so some of the music is beyond me at present, but I truly enjoy playing several pieces. This is exceptional music which people at all skill levels can enjoy. Thank you, Tina! – S. Krantz

Five Stars! Perfect for listening to figure out the sheet music! Lovely… soothing.– Nancy

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