HarpBeat MP3 Download by Christina Tourin – Harpbeats by Christina Tourin + guests – The rhythmic mastery of harpist Christina Tourin, backed by inspired syncopations of percussion, guitar, saxophone and flute.


The rhythmic mastery of legendary harpist Christina Tourin, backed by inspired syncopations of percussion, guitar, saxophone and flute expresses the heart of world music.

This album, produced by Peter Sprague, features spectacular orchestration – it’s soft, magical music yet it moves right along.

Compositions and arrangements by Christina Tourin, Alfredo Rolando Ortiz, William Mahan, Peter Sprague and Chris Foster, plus traditional tunes from France, Spain, Mexico and Scandinavia.


“Listening to this album is like listening to a liquid gold sunset! It is magical.”
– R. Christianson, Harp Journal, 1999

“Christina transports you to other dimensions”- D.S.

“Her music is out of this world!” – S. K.

Here’s a sound file (that you can also download) with a sample from each track

Track listing: (CLICK on the title to jump to that part of the sample…)

Track Listing:

  1. Magic Miss Melissa (8:10) – Peter Sprague (Satyam Music/BMI)
  2. Windows of Paris (4:01) – William Mahan
  3. La Calla (Intro: Cridhe) (4:01) – Christina Tourin; Chris Foster
  4. La Llorona (4:01) – (Trad. Mexican)
  5. Calcutta Midnight</span (4:01) – Peter Sprague; Kamala>
  6. Reflections (4:01) – Christina Tourin
  7. If You Can Walk, You Can Dance (4:01) – Kamala & Peter Sprague
  8. La Guabina (4:01) – Alfredo Rolando Ortiz
  9. Si Quedara Sin Ti (4:01) – Alfredo Rolando Ortiz
  10. Mailvursin (4:01) – (Trad. Scandinavian)
  11. Pirouette (4:01) – Chris Foster
  12. Christina Tourin (4:01)

Note for harp players and other musicians:
Three songs La Llorona, Sueños and Pirouette from the HarpBeat album are featured in the Join In Series Vol.1 music-book of World Music, which features various arrangements for harp, piano or melody instrument, along with a special CD of ‘backing track’ versions for you to play along with.

Label: Emerald Harp Productions

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