A Medicine Chart



A Medicine Wheel is an ancient healing tool dating back 7000 years, and in various forms is still used in many cultures today.
This chart, based on the seven basic chakras of the human body, is a Medicine Wheel for the New Age. Each level of the wheel is a tool to help us find our center – ‘the Infinite Love within us’…

“Put on your favorite relaxing music in the key of C, or use a tuning fork. sit on a red blanket on the beach, in the grass or on a rock. Apply three drops of ginger oil on your hands, rub them together to create heat and smell the aroma. Hold your smokey quartz, focus your mind on the planet Saturn and with each breath, hum the vowel “ooooh” as you feel yourself grounding and connecting to the Earth’s core…”

9″x12″ – full color chart (single-sided), laminated for protection.


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