International Harp Therapy Reading List

Everyone is welcome to this IHTP Reading List Page!

Although this Reading List Page is compiled for students of the International Harp Therapy Program, it is an extensive listing of a wide variety of books relating to harp studies, the therapeutic power of music, and much, much more – so consequently is likely to be of interest to many visitors to this website.

Note: Only a small selection of the books are available from this website, but some of the others listed have direct links through to Amazon and their Marketplace traders.

Harp Therapy Manual: Cradle of Sound
By C. Tourin
This 600-page Harp Therapy Manual is widely regarded as the most complete and comprehensive book ever offered in the ever-expanding field of harp therapy.
Written by one of the world’s pioneers in therapeutic music, the Harp Therapy Manual addresses over 100 specific topics and aims to cover everything you could ever wish to know about harp therapy – including helpful practical information on how to become a professional harp therapy practitioner working in a variety of arenas particularly within healthcare and community services.

The hard-copy book comes with the Heavens’ Seven CD enclosed, and the pdf download version of the book comes with mp3 audio file downloads.

Hard-copy book $95.00
PDF + mp3 download $65.00

Buy Now

Illuminations Healing Music Book/MP3 Download
By C. Tourin
This 140-page spiral-bound music book contains 25 songs, mostly original compositions written by Christina Tourin – each arranged at Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels, and suiting different sizes and types of harp. There is also a Illuminations MP3 audio-download that is required.

Book $35.00
MP3 Download $7.99

Color My World: Green Series
– Songs of Nature and Healing
By C. TourinThis is part of the Color My World with Harp program. Included along with the DVD are a set of special music-cards containing 18 songs. The DVD shows the fingering, notes, chords and provides accompaniment. Plus there’s a special video to show to your group or harp circle while you play the music. * You do not need to write a report on this compilation.Price $49.00

The Healing Musician
– A Guide to Playing Healing Music at the Bedside
By S. Benson

This guide is for anyone who wants to play live healing music to the ailing at their bedside, and with true empowerment.
Learn how music can affect the body in five basic ways, both physiologically and psychologically, by manipulating the three major principles of music: rhythm, harmony and melody.

Price $30.00

At the Heart of the Matter
– Communicating Care in Helping Relationships
By Anne R. Bewley
This book is required and available from Emerald Harp Productions until stock runs out. It introduces helpers who are not professional counselors to the fundamental theory and essential skills of helping interaction: centering, listening, reflecting, responding, and asking questions.Price $20.00

A Transpersonal Model of Music Therapy Deepening Practice* – Barbara Crowe
This paperback book is required reading and can be obtained from

From Behind the Harp* – Jane Franz (This book is available as an online Kindle book or in paperback from Amazon)
This book is required reading and can be obtained from

TA Today: A New Introduction to Transactional Analysis
By Ian Stewart and Vann Joines

This required book is available from

Iona Inspirations – Healing Music Book+CD
By C. Tourin

A music-book of 15 original Celtic-inspired compositions, with arrangements for beginners to advanced harp players – including some additional arrangements for flute and cello, plus guitar/keyboard chords.

Also includes:
– The inspired stories of how the compositions transpired
– A wee bit o’ Celtic Iona history
– Beautiful photos of Iona

Therapeutic Harp 3-DVD Set
By S. Williams

In this 3-DVD documentary, Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy (VAHT) expert, Sarajane Williams, M.A., a licensed psychologist and accomplished author, accounts the utilization of VAHT on clients with various symptoms.

Part 1: Ancient Legacy
Part II: Sound Science
Part III: Clinical Applications

Total 2 hrs.43 mins.

Price $79.95

Healing At The Speed of Sound
By Don Campbell and Alex Doman

Available from
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The Art of Conversation Through Serious Illness: Lessons for Caregivers
By Richard McQuellon and Michael Cowan

Available from
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Being Mortal
By Atul Gawande

Available from
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The Mozart Effect
By Don Campbell

Available from
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Music: Physician for Times to Come
By Don Campbell

Available from
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Sound Spirit: Pathway to Faith
By Don Campbell

Available from
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Grace Notes
– Reflections on the Harp and Healing
By Tami BriggsA book about Tami Briggs’s profound and deeply spiritual experiences playing harp at the hospital and hospice bedside.
The stories, selected because of their powerful impact, illustrate music’s role in the healing process.Price $25.00 – Available from Emerald Harp Productions until stock is closed
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Music and Soulmaking
– Toward A New Theory of Music Therapy
By B. CroweThis resource explores fascinating new avenues in music therapy, providing concrete examples of the effect music can have on a wide range of patients, with diseases as varied as Alzheimer’s and Down’s Syndrome.Price $50.00 Available from Emerald Harp Productions until stock is out.
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The Mythic Harp
By S. Williams

Available from
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Good Vibrations
By S. Williams

Available from
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Note for IHTP Students:
Remember: you need to produce 10 book reports, which should include all 5 of the Required Reading items plus the ongoing Cradle of Sound/Harp Therapy Manual textbook.
Please choose the 5 others from the ‘Highly Recommended’ section above, or from the A-Z and ‘by category’ sections below. Feel free to suggest a book that you think is appropriate that you do not see.
Alphabetically Listed:
All I Really Needed to Know I learned in Kindergarten – Robert Fulghum

Anatomy Coloring Book – Kapit and Elson

Annie Stories – Brett, Doris

Articles on audition, immunology and therapeutic use of music – Bradford S. Weeks, M.D.

At Personal Risk: Boundary Violations – Marily Peterson

Biocybernetics of Emotion Communication – Manfred Clynes, D. Sc.

Biomedical foundations of music as therapy – D.B. Taylor

Body Stories: A Guide to Experiential Anatomy – Andrea Olsen

Care of the Soul – Thomas Moore

Catching the Thread – Sufism, Dreamwork and Jungian Psychology – Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Chasing Daylight – Eugene O’Kelly

Collection – The Arts in Pscyotherapy – Pergamon Press

Coma – Artie Mindell

Coma Communications – Stan Tomandl and Ann Jacob

Conscious Evolution – Barbara Hubbard

Creates happy, smart and confident children – John M. Ortiz, Ph.D

Creative Healing – Michael Samuels and Mary Rockwood Lane

Cymatics – Jenny Hans

Death: The final stages of Growth – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Richard Carolson, Ph.D.

Dying Well: The Prospect for Growth at the End of Life – Ira Byock, MD

Effortless Mastery: Liberating the Master Musician Within – Kenny Werner

Embraced by the Light – Betty Eadie

Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman

Energy Medicine – Donna Eden

Enneagram Transformations – Don Richard Riso

The Enneagram and NLP: A Journey of Evolution – Anne Linden and Murray Spalding

Energy Medicine – Donna Eden

Facets of a Diamond: Reflections of a Healer – John Diamond, M.D.

Facing Death and Finding Hope: a guide to the emotional and spiritual care of the dying – Christine Longaker (a student of Sogyal Rinpoche)

Feel the Fear – Susan Jeffries

Final Gifts – Callanan & Kelley

Frogs Into Princes – Brinder-Brandler

Good Grief – Granger E. Westberg

Guided Imagery and Music in the Institutional Setting – L Sumner

Harmonic Chant – David Hykes

Harp Full of Stars – Joel Andrews

Harpers Diary – Christine Grace Magnussen

Healing and Regeneration Through Music – Corinne Heline

Healing Sounds – The Power of Harmonics – Jonathan Goldman

Healing with Music and Color – Mary Bassano

Healing, Personal Growth and Empowerment – Gary Doore, Ph.D.

Hearts Code – Brinder-Brandler

Hidden Messages in Water (The) – Dr. Masaru Emoto

How We Die: Reflections on Life’s Final Chapter – Sherwin B. Nuland

How, Now, Shall We Live – Wayne Mueller

Improvisational Models of Music Therapy – Bruscia, K.E

In Search of the Lost Chord – Jonathan Goldman (founder of the Sound Healers Assoc.)

Infinite Mind – Dr. Valerie Hunt

Instant Rapport – Michael Brooks

Introduction to Medical Terminology – Marge Bergstrom

Introduction to the Musical Brain – Don Campbell

Job’s Body: A Handbook for Bodywork – Deane Juhan

Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories that Heal – Rachel Naomi Rensen, M.D.

Life After Life – Raymond Moody Jr.

Life Lessons – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and David Kessler

Life Outside the Physical Body, and Colour: The teachings and lectures of Helio-Arcanophus,founder of the Atlanteans

Listening for Wellness – Pierre Sollier (a student of Dr: Alfred Tomatis)

Making Music for the Joy of It – Stephanie Judy

Making Music with the Young Handicapped Child: A Guide for Parents – E. Streeter

May I Have This Dance? – Joyce Rupp

Methods of Utilizing Prescriptive Sound – Alana Woods

Music and Miracles – compiled by Don Campbell

Music and Sound in the Healing Arts – John Beaulieu

Music and The Brain – Arthur Harvey, Ph.D.

Music and the Elemental Psyche – R. J. Stewart

Music & Your Mind; Listening with a New Consciousness – Helen Bonny and Louis Savary

Music for the Handicapped Child – Juliette Alvin

Music in Medicine – Manfred Clynes, D. Sc.

Music Therapy. An Art Beyond Words – Bunt, Leslie

Music therapy for the Autistic Child – Warwick

Music Therapy in Action – Mary Priestley

Music Therapy in Palliative Hospice Care – Munroe

Music Therapy in the Treatment of Rett Syndrome – Montague, Janette, (National Rett Syndrome Assoc.)

Music Therapy with Hospitalized Children – Froelich

Music, Mind and Brain: The Neuropsychology of Music – Manfred Clynes D. Sc.

Music, Power, Creative Living – Barbara Anne Scarantino

Musical Qi Gong – Shen Wu

Musician’s Survival Manual: A Guide to Preventing and Treating Injuries in Instrumentalists – Richard Norris, M.D.

Musicworks – The Canadian Journal of Sound Exploration

My Grandfather’s Blessings – Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen

My Voice Will Go With You – Erickson, Milton

The Mystic Spiral: Journey of the Soul – Jill Purce

Mysticism of Sound and Music: The Woman With the Alabaster Jar – Margaret Starbird

NLP: Enneagram Transformations – Don Richard Riso

Nurturing Your Child With Music – John Ortiz

On Music & Health, A Proven Way to Help You Integrate Mind, Body and Spirit – Mathew H.M. Lee and Joseph Nagler

Please Understand Me – David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates

Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim – Edward Hays

Psychosynthesis, The Act of Will – Roberto Assagioli, M.D.

Qigong for Health and Vitality – Michael Tse

Reiki, Energy Medicine – Libby Barrett and Maggie Chambers

Rhythmic Language of Health and Disease – Mark Rider

Rhythmic Medicine – Music With a Purpose – Hoffman

Rhythms of Learning – Don Campbell

Sacred Sounds – Ted Andrews

Saved by the Light (also At Peace in the Light and The Secrets of the Light) – Dannion Brinkley

Sensing, Feeling, and Action – Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Serpent of Light – Dunvalo Malchezidek

Sing Your Body – Susan Gallagher Borg

Sounding the Inner Landscape – Kay Gardner

Sounds of Healing – Mitchel Gaynor, MD

Spiritual Economics – Eric Butterworth

Stories for the Third Year, Stories that Heal – Wallas, Leigh

Structure into Magic – Anthony Robbins

Soul Prints: Your Path to Fulfillment – Marc Gafni

TA Today – Stewart and Joine

Tales of Enchantment (Book of Metaphors) – Lankton, Stephen

Textbook of Performing Arts Medicine – Sataloff, Brandfonbrener, Lederman

The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron

The Bardic Source Book: Inspirational Legacy and teachings of the Ancient Celts – John Matthews

The Communication of Emotion: Theory of Sentics in Emotion, Theory, Research and Experience – Manfred Clynes, D. Sc.

The Creation of Health – Carolyn Myss

The Diamond Color Meditation – John Diamond, M.D.

The Enneagram and NLP: A Journey of Evolution – Anne Linden and Murray Spalding

The Ethics of Caring; Honoring the Web of Life in Our Professional Healing Relationships – Kylea Taylor (Santa Cruz, CA: Hanford Mead, 1995)

The Evolution Angel: An Emergency Physician’s Lessons with Death and the Divine – Dr. Michael Abrams

The Field: The Quest For the Secret Force of the Universe – Lynne McTaggart, 2002

The Giant Within – Anthony Robbins

The Harmonics of Sound, Color and Vibration: A System for Self-Awareness and Soul Evolution – Elias DeMohan

The Healing Energies of Music – Hal Lingerman

The Healing Light – Agnes Sanford

The Healing Sound of Music – Mucci

The Hidden Face of Music – Herbert Whone

The Hidden Messages in Water – Dr. Masaru Emoto

The Hospice Choice – Marcia Lattanzi-Ticht

The Inner Game of Music – Barry Green and W. Timothy Gallwey

The Language of Medicine – Davi-Ellen Chabner

The Listening Book – W. A. Mathieu

The Music of Life – Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Mystic Spiral: Journey of the Soul – Jill Purce

The Perfect Wrong Note, Learning to trust your musical self – William Westney

The Power of Intention – Dr.Wayne Dyer

The Practice Of The Presence Of God – Brother Lawrence

The Roar of Silence – Don Campbell

The Secret Lore of Music: The Hidden Power of Orpheus – Fabre d’Olivet

The Secret Power of Music – David Tame

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying – Sogyal Rinpoche

The Troubled Dream of Life – Daniel Cahallan

The Two of Music, Sound Psychology – John Ortiz

Therapeutic Metaphor – Gordon

Therapeutic Metaphors for Children and the Child Within – Mills, Joyce and Crowley, Richard (tied in with NLP)

Therapeutic Touch – Janet Macrae

Therapy in Music for Handicapped Children – Nordoff, P. Robbins, C

There’s A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem – Wayne Dyer

Tomatis Effect: Overview of the Tomatis Method – Pierre Sollier

Tonal Awareness – Heiner Ruland

Toning: The Creative Power of the Voice – Laurel Elizabeth Keyes

Total Pain Management – Cicely Saunders and the Hospice Movement

Tree of Strings – A History of the Harp in Scotland – Keither Sanger & Alison Kinnaird

Tune Your Brain – Elizabeth Miles

Uncommon Therapy – J. Hailey

Unlimited Powers – Anthony Robbins

Walking on Water – Madeline LxEngle

What Survives? – Gary Doore, Ph. D.

When Bad Things Happen to Good People – Harold S. Kushner

Where Is God When It Hurts? – Philip Yancy

Whose music? A Sociology of Musical Languages – Shepard, J.

You Are Your Instrument – Julie Lyonn Lieberman

Zen Guitar – P. Toshic-Sudio

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By Category:
On Grieving:
How to Survive the Loss of a Love – Melba Colgrove

Grieving: The Pain & Promise – Deanna Edwards

Teenagers Face to Face With Bereavement – Karen Gravell

The Grief Recovery Handbook – John James

Teenagers Talk About Grief – June Cerza Kolf

A Grief Observed – C.S. Lewis

Beyond Grief – Carol Staudacher

Men & Grief – Carol Staudacher

Necessary Losses – Judith Viorst

Loss of the Ground Note – Vozenilek

Good Grief – Granger Westberg

Using Grief to Grow – Johnette Hartnett

The Funeral – Johnette Hartnett

Grief in the Workplace – Johnette Hartnett

Different Losses, Different Issues – Johnette Hartnett

Death Etiquette for the 90’s – Johnette Hartnett

Children & Grief – Johnette Hartnett

When Bad Things Happen to Good People – Harold Kushner

On Dying:
Final Gifts – M. Callahan

Please Understand Me – David Kiersey

Death: The Final Stage of Growth – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

On Death & Dying – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

To Live Until We Say Goodbye – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Healing Into Life & Death – Steven Levine

Meetings at the Edge – Steven Levine

Who Dies? – Steven Levine

The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying – Sogyal Rinpoche

For Caregivers:
Letting Go – Richard Boerstler

The Helping Relationship – Lawrence Brammer

How Can I Help? – Ram Dass

Coming Home – Deborah Duda

Healing the Dying – Mary Jane Linn

Home Care for the Dying – Deborah Whiting Little

Therapeutic Touch – Janet MacRae

On The Arts:
Creativity & The Close of Life – CT Hospice

The Healing Energies of Music – Hal Lingerman

Art as Medicine – McNiff

The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron

On Hospice:
Hospice Resource Manual for Local Churches – John Abbott

A Hospice Handbook: A New Way to Care for the Dying – Michael Hamilton

Hospice & Ministry – Paul Irion

The Hospice Alternative – Anne Munley

The Hospice Movement – Sandol Stoddard

On Philosophy:
The Denial of Death – Ernest Becker

Man’s Search for Meaning – Victor Frankl

Care of the Soul – Thomas Moore

Healing & the Mind – Bill Moyers

You Can Do Something About AIDS – Sasha Alyson

AIDS – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Borrowed Time – Paul Monette

AIDS: A Self-Care Manual – AIDS Project L.A.

On Self-Help:
Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson – Joan Boryshenko

Minding the Body, Mending the Mind – Joan Boryshenko

Three Minutes a Day – Father John Catoir

Ageless Body, Timeless Mind – Deepak Chopra

Quantum Healing – Deepak Chopra

Anatomy of an Illness – Norman Cousins

The Healing Heart – Norman Cousins

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten – Robert Fulgham

Focusing – Eugene Gendlin

Surviving the Cure – Janet Henry

The Migraine Puzzle – Susan Borg

My Voice Will Go With You – Sidney Rosen

Love, Medicine & Miracles – Bernie Siegel

Peace, Love & Healing – Bernie Siegel