Greetings harpers/harpists!

Here is the information and review from our 5th and 6th meetings.

Our 6th meeting was head on May 20, 2021.  A small attendance but part of the Core group attended due to short notice therefore, we are filling you in here with the latest results.


Our next song is the BUTTERFLY JIG – an uplifting yet minor dorian piece of music that will close the Contemplative Circle of music with release of Butterflies filming over the song.  I have created an arrangement on the melody which will allow the beginners to play the harmony with some sounds that will lend itself lightly to the sound of a double strung harp.  Here you will find the recording of the Webinar and below, you will find the Click track for the Butterfly Jig with a count in.  Play it 3 times and follow the music from the Full Score attached.  On the third time, end with the ending on the Em chord.  Let it ring and since it is our ending song of the program, look at the camera and just maybe there will be a butterfly tickling your ear or landing on your harp!  The tempo for your metronome is 115.  Please watch the video as there is quite a discussion about the tempo.

The due date to get your recording to Truman  (edison720624 (at)  is June 3rd  – a Thurs. (Fri. in Asia/AU) which is about 2 weeks from now.  Then we will meet again on June 14th a Monday.

The meeting of our 5th gathering was on May 3rd.  During this time we discussed having international words where the Celtic Circle of the Contemplative Program goes into the depths of the Human Soul.  We are looking for words in your languages for the following:  To date we have English, Chinese and French
Hope 希望 Espoir
Light 光輝 Lumière
Happiness 快樂 (Happiness/fortunate 幸福) Joie
Faith 信心 Foi
Comfort 安慰 Réconfort
Lucky 幸運 Chanceux
Loneliness 寂寞 Solitude
Sadness 悲傷 Tristesse
Depression 憂鬱 Déprime
Dull 枯燥 Ennui
Bitterness 苦澀 Amertume
Lost 迷失  Perdu
We also explored the topic of a logo that was small enough yet represented HarpSoulRising to be put on a USB stick. Discussion of creating a smailer with a pocket that can house 2 USB sticks so that the USB programs can be set in a secure and visually inviting way was also discussed. 

or a credit card size logo with swing out usb


Our Song that we worked on is the Water is Wide.  People were requested to send in a video of them walking by the water carrying their harp. In addition, we invited more people to send in the Inisheer song and to send Truman some pictures of walking on a Stoney Path.


Because we are hoping to have finished movies so we can keep moving on to the next songs, we are giving folks 2 weeks to practice and record their song. If you miss one of them, then try to at least commit to one song as we go along.  It will be wonderful for you to say that you were on (at least) one of the Collages and give the USB to your facility.  We plan to try to wrap up the Contemplative Program by the end of the summer and then start on a WORLD Music program designed for Senior Living Homes and schools in the Fall.


We are open to receiving any donations to our Non-Profit Angel Harps 501-c3 which is tax dedcutible.  This will help us in the project that we feel will bring great awareness to therapeutic harp and open the doors for many of our Practitioners to have new places of work.


Here is a video of the Water is Wide that is outstanding.  We are also open to solos that we can use, although we cannot promise we will be able to use every single solo but will do our best. If not for the Contemplative then for the World Program.

Music for THE BUTTERFLY JIG and click track below as
well as the music for the WATER IS WIDE and its click track.

WATER IS WIDE with click track

by Artist Name

Here is the recording of our #4 gathering. Things are moving along. Truman Edison who is living in Japan has done a wonderful compilation on our first Beta Collage. We have discussed some ideas along with his suggestions. You will find our discussions and likely any questions you have will be answered in this recording

passcode: HarpSoulRising

4th Gathering and introduction of the Inisheer Beta test collage by Truman

Our next meeting will be on Monday April 26 (Tuesday am for Asia/AU) with a deadline of Tuesday April 20th to have recordings to Truman.
His email address is:
For those needing to redo the Inisheer to a click track, here is the click track and the music:
The click track has been looped 3 times with not much of a break between the first and second – so if you feel like you did a good job on the first loop – hold your pose at the end for about 10 seconds even if the next loop comes up.  There is more time between loop 2 and loop 3.  I will make sure in the future to make more time in between the loops.


Our new song is called Stoney Path by Steve Clark, arr. by Jim Mosher
Please watch this vimeo recording and record along with this recording.  There is a count in that will help you.  Remember to hold your position at the end for an extended 10 secs.  After the first part, I have created the second for beginners with just playing simple chords – 3 different chords – Dm G Am – this is a Dorian tune.  In the song there are 3 verses (but we will likely only take the 3rd verse repeated, but it is good practice.  Or you can indicate which is your best take on the 1, 2 or 3rd verse.
passcode: HarpSoulRising
 – this is the track and count in of Stoney Path

– All the the music scores and additional tracks can be found further down this page – 

This is an ongoing project and you can join in for any of the recordings. We will be creative with putting in some solos and featuring various people.  Hopefully we will have the contemplative collage ready for the Fall but we will be working also on songs for the International collage as we continue forth.
See you on the 26th of April.  I’ll plan to send out the recording prior to the meeting so you can hear it clearly and not affected by zoom airwaves. We will keep the information, music and recordings coming on this page.

We are excited to share our project of HarpSoulRising with you!

Below you will find the first three informational sessions where we discussed the outline and various songs that  may be very appropriate.

We are looking to create two musical therapeutic harp collages.

1.  The first is a contemplative program basically built on the three Celtic strains of music – or as we call it the Celtic Circle.  Music to calm, reflect, go into the soul and then ascend into inspiration, hope and joy.

2,  The second collage is to introduce therapeutic music to the world by featuring music of the world!  We have many international harp players who are offering exciting and sweet songs from many cultures.  This musical collage will be designed to provide senior homes, schools, support groups, with cultural therapeutic harp music.


Our videos below will give you many ideas of what we are planning to create and would love to have you join us!

We meet once a month to receive new music and to socialize during this lockdown time.

Our most recent gathering

Earlier gatherings


If you would like to join HarpSoulRising, please contact Christina at  : to be put on our invitation list.

Music includes all levels of playing and you only need to want to be on one or all of the selections.

Whatever works for your time schedule.  HarpSoulRising is ascending!


by Eleanor Farjeon

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