With over 25 years of excellence, the International Harp Therapy Program has practitioners in 23 countries serving on 5 continents!

Welcome Video on Harp Therapy (2.5 minutes)

There are three websites dedicated to introducing Harp Therapy – as well as being home to the IHTP and its students


For general information and to find a practitioner near you.


Information on the Training Course


Preparation for Application and The On-Line Lessions

Preparation Lessons with Christina’s Tutorials
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The Harp Therapy Manual – Cradle of Sound
Christina Tourin’s 600-page manual is widely regarded as
the most complete and comprehensive book ever offered
in the field of harp therapy.

Why is the International Harp Therapy Program Unique?

 The International Harp Therapy Program trains its practitioners in the following areas:

  • To learn an “enabling language” to help bring out the best in all people (through studies in Psychology and Counseling)
  • To understand the scientific and concrete aspects of sound vibrations
  • To develop intuition and be open to asking “What is willing to meet me” from a patient.
  • To develop a collection of musical tools in which to draw upon for appropriate occasions
  • To hold the spiritual realm of every being

2. The International Harp Therapy Program endorses a balance between music, medicine and spirituality.

3. Certified Practitioners offer both bedside music (repertoire from many genres) and interactive work with patients.

4. At the core of the program, the practitioner recognizes that each individual has their own Resonant tone, style of musical preference, mood, and their own rhythm. Combining these elements, the practitioner offers the client or patient their own personal musical journey or “their own cradle of sound” to help them in emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing.