Floor Model Celtic Harps

County Wexford

The County Wexford by Jeff Gaynor – has a beautiful even tone throughout the harp. It’s resonance and ease of playing along with it’s graceful lines caught the attention of Christina. Contact her here for a video clip playing this harp.

There are 36 Strings and this comes only with all Truitt levers. case $185.00 (shipping: will be quoted)

Package #10A

Case $185.00



Mariposa Padded Carrying Bag – $405.+s/h.
Mariposa String Set –$185. (or $225.)+s/h.
Harp Tuning Key (Included with Harp) extra tuning key – $25.+s/h.


Mariposa by Rees Harps Inc. – 50″ tall, 34 strings, 4.75 octaves, C to A, 18 to 19 lbs. depending upon wood selected. Optimized as a professional quality performance instrument, the Mariposa has a balanced voice projection that far exceeds its apparent size. The volume and tonal response of the Mariposa, are acknowledged by harpists to surpass that of the much larger harps in side-by-side trials. The Mariposa has the firmest touch of all Rees harps and is an excellent harp for speed players due to the slightly narrower string spacing and shorter bass strings which generate quicker response and slightly less sustain. Exclusive to Rees harps, the Mariposa is offered in two ranges A to C or F to A and the new round shoulder for additional comfort when playing. The Mariposa is also available as a double harp.

  • The Mariposa is a favorite of many professional Irish and Celtic harpers including Christina Tourin
  • The Mariposa is available all in cherry, walnut, maple or in combination
  • The asymmetrical soundboard, made of solid poplar with a maple overlay, and the parallel plano back design are responsible for the quality voice of this instrument
  • This harp comes equipped with the beautiful Truitt levers. Tapered harp pins are on all strings
  • Includes the Rainbow of Sound Purple and Blue books and the 2 DVD’s by Christina Tourin

Package #11A

 Mariposa Harp with full Dazzling Truitt Sharping Levers


The Signature

The Signature by Triplett – 36 string harp is the culmination of a quarter century of development in harp design. We have incorporated the best features of our proven designs with an innovative standard staved-back body to produce a harp unmatched in tone and beauty.

The Signature’s soundboard is a composite spruce with optional hardwood veneer. The graceful, long forepillar adds years to the life of this harp and offers an elegant surface for enhancements. Since introducing our electro-acoustic accessory package numerous harpists have utilized this technology for their professional engagements and CD recordings.

  • Height: 57 inches
  • Weight: 27 pounds
  • Strings: 36 nylon and composite strings
  • Range: C up to C
  • Soundboard: Spruce/ cedar composite
  • Forepillar or T-Brace: Yes
  • Levers: Full Set of Truitt levers included
  • Detail: Curly maple binding included
  • Case: Custom soft case included
  • Key: Deluxe engraved tuning key included

Package #12A

Signature Harp with full Dazzling Truitt Sharping Levers base price $6295.00
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