Creative Harping

Therapeutic music for everyone!
The Creative Harping Series provides the basis for music development for students of the IHTP International Harp Therapy Program and is particularly suitable for harp players who have an interest in communicating through music in a healing environment.

Introducing the Creative Harping Series

– learning to play music by ear – and so much more!

For over two decades, the Creative Harping comprehensive teaching method has freed harp players from the written page, allowing them to create their own music and experience the joys of improvisation and ‘jamming’ with fellow musicians.
This ground-breaking tuition Series offers 10 unique Courses, delivered as a collection of video-lessons, and are available as DVD sets as well as via Online Streaming.
Each video-lesson is enhanced with beautiful scenery depicting the mood of the music, and each Course will introduce you to new songs to add to an ever-expanding repertoire for you to use as a springboard from which to jump into your own improvisations and creativity.

“Would you love to know how to play for hours on end, on your own or with other musicians, without needing any music – effortlessly drawing upon tunes and chord-cycles and improvising on them whilst moving through a rich variety of moods and flavors of music?
So many people who have gone through the Creative Harping Program from start to finish now have this ability to enrich their own lives as well as those of family, friends and audiences.”

How to use the Creative Harping Program

– learning at your own pace…

We do recommend that you proceed step by step through the lessons in each Course – and each Course builds on the previous one, so likewise are best done sequentially.
Finding your own pace is important, so do resist the urge to rush ahead or bite off too much in one go! And do try to both watch and play along regularly.

Each Course is a similar price to just one lesson with music teacher!
– and Creative Harping lessons can last a lifetime!
Watching them as often as you like whilst consulting the accompanying Course Support Papers means you can extract every last bit of knowledge in your own time. Plus the benefits and enjoyment from playing along with the videos grows and grows…!

For players of all abilities

Because the focus of the Creative Harping Program is learning how to improvise without the need of written music, it has proven popular with musicians of all abilities.

It has been specially created to cater both for the ‘beginner’ harpist as well as experienced players who wish to get away from just reading the dots and want to learn the art of improvisation, creating spontaneous music that flows effortlessly from one feeling to another.

Courses Overview

#1 – Creative Harping Introduction – FREE LESSON ONLINE (included on DVD in the full 10-Course Set)

#2 – Dorian Mode –

Learn how to improvise in the Dorian Mode and add The Chanter to your repertoire. Wonderful scenery of caves, dragons and fire open the lesson.

#3 – Aeolian Mode –

Learn how to improvise in the Aeolian Mode and add Little Boats, Mary Young and Faire and Greensleeves to your repertoire. A countryside journey through England opens this pastoral video.

#4 – Mixolydian Mode –

Learn how to improvise in the Mixolydian Mode and add The Silkie, Christ Child’s Lullaby and Lochaber No More to your repertoire. Opening scenes of the ocean and seals will delight the senses.

#5 – Locrian Mode –

Learn how to improvise in the Locrian Mode and add Sakura to your repertoire. You can almost smell the cherry blossoms as you play along with the opening scenes.

#6 – Ionian Mode –

Learn how to improvise in the Ionian Mode and add In The Bleak Mid-Winter and Suo Gan to your repertoire. Enjoy the gentle snowfall while watching the little birds appear.

#7 – Angel Mode –

(Pentatonic tunings) Learn a series of Pentatonic tunes to play with the left hand while the right hand glides over the strings playing glissandos. Scenes from the heavenly realm and Angel paintings by Ann Rothan grace this ethereal video.

#8 – Middle Eastern Mode –

Learn to improvise in the Middle Eastern Tuning and add Hava Nagila and Evening of Roses to your repertoire. Scenes from the desert sand dunes and desert animals tickle your fancy while you play along with this lesson.

#9 – The Chinese 5 Elements –

Learn the tunings for the Chinese 5 Elements and play along with the video to scenes of Fire, Earth, Wood, Water and Metal.

#10 – The Ancient Celtic Circle of Music –

How to identify the mode of a piece and how to transition from one mode to another. In this video, you’ll learn how to create seamless musical creations flowing from one feeling to another. Your “Play Along” will be enhanced with Transitions in Nature.

Your Free Creative Harp Lesson

There are 6 segments in the Introduction lesson approximately 1 hour total.

Available for download or streaming