Color My World

Color My World is the new extension of the Rainbow of Sound (TM) program. In each set, there are approx. 15-20 easy melodies with fingerings and letter names on cards that can be attached to an optional pillar prompter on the column. There are also chord charts on the reverse side enabling players of all levels to make music together.

The Color My World© Series#1-6 is designed for three purposes.

1) It offers beautiful melodies for the harp beginner.

2) It provides a collection of over 100 tunes for therapeutic harp practitioners .

3) For the harp player, this program is specifically designed for support groups, community groups, health-care facilities and teen programs while at the same time it can augment the Rainbow of Sound (TM)program for schools and adult/senior groups.

Theraputic Harp Players click here to view the Color My World Theraputic Kit, includes all song cards & teleprompter.