Music Books & DVD’s

Christina’s compositions and arrangements are superbly transcribed into clear notation for harpists of all levels to enjoy.

Many of her books offer three arrangements of each song so that harpists of all levels can have a successful experience re-creating the tunes they hear on the CDs.

Rainbow of Sound

Rainbow of Sound and Color My World are specifically designed for the beginning harp player to learn how to play the harp and then have a collection of about 100 tunes in their repertoire

Music books come with teaching DVDs. (We can offer the DVDs separately for those who have previously purchased the books only.  Please inquire through our CONTACT form).

Click on images below to view the Introduction Video for each book/DVD.

NEW!  We now have the Rainbow of Sound Books  1 & 2 translated in Dutch!  These books can be obtained from De Troubadour Harpen in the Netherlands!  Enjoy!

Rainbow of Sound™

Welcome to the Rainbow of Sound® LEARN TO PLAY HARP Series on DVD with the accompanying Rainbow of Sound® Books. You will learn how to play the harp and the basics of technique, posture, tuning, note-reading, improvisation and gain repertoire while enjoying beautiful stories and images. The use of color and alliteration help to reinforce concepts. This program is suitable for all ages beginning with very young children. I would, however, encourage the young child to explore the instrument until around the age of six before expecting serious note-reading skills.

For the older student who has never studied music, you will find this approach will give you a clear understanding of hand position and basic note-reading. I recommend that you seek a Facilitator of the Rainbow of Sound® method. They will further help you with fingerings and theory study. You will find these Facilitators on this website:  Facilitators under Beginners. Some of our Facilitators can help you learn to play the harp through SKYPE lessons in the comfort of your own home.

Harp Instructor, Carol McLaughlin, Harp Professor at the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ and director of the famed Harp Fusion ensemble commends the method as “exceptional” and suggests that this unique approach be applied to college level harp study.

Beginning Harp DVD/Books Series Vol – 1 – 6
For all ages…multiple camera angles on DVDs for easy learning!!!

The Purple book focuses on learning how to read the treble clef and playing tunes that become part of the story line. The use of color and alliteration help the student to retain the information making this an integrated method of learning.

The Blue book takes the student further into the study of reading music by introducing the bass clef. Songs learned in the Purple book are then expanded to include harmonies in the Blue book. You can play the songs while the story unfolds.

In the Green book, we have a charming story, written by Barbara Yule, taking place in Scotland. Through this story we are reminded of the subtle energies that surround us daily and that we truly live in a magical kingdom. Songs from Christina”s recording – The Emerald Harp – are adapted for beginners. All songs are in the key of C. This story makes for a wonderful production for a group of harpists!

The Yellow book takes the student into the study of learning about accidentals – sharps and flats and the use of levers on the harp. The story by Joanna Huckvale takes place in Wales with beautiful Welsh melodies that bring home the importance of being kind to one another, to animals and taking care of the Earth.

In the Orange book, we have a variety of techniques and games to trigger our imagination for composing music and creating fresh lovely improvisations. There is such joy to express our individuality through song and sound!

The Red book fills us with music for Light Festivals. Music for Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanza arranged in easy but interesting harmonies enable us to play for the Holidays.

Color My World

Color My World with Harp © is the new extension of the Rainbow of SoundTM program. In each set, there are approx. 15 easy melodies with fingerings and letter names on cards that can be attached to a pillar prompter on the column. There are also chord charts on the reverse side enabling players of all levels to make music together

Color My World©

The Color My World© Series offers beautiful melodies for the new beginner coming to the harp for the first time. It is the new extension of the Rainbow of Sound program. In each set, there are approx. 15 easy melodies with fingerings and letter names on cards that can be attached to a pillar prompter on the column of the harp. There are also chord charts on the reverse side enabling players of all levels to make music together.

The enclosed  DVD provides 4 teaching views – close up of the fingering – chords – playing along to lovely accompaniment and visuals to enhance your own playing with the accompaniment.

This program can be used by individuals or in a group. You can learn to play harp in the comfort of your own home with the DVDs and music cards.

The songs are categorized into collections that address the needs of people in special circumstances

  • Lullabies for babies and peaceful songs for relaxation
  • Songs of strength and encouragement for those in rehabilitation units or other places of boosting energy
  • Songs of hope, inspiration and love for support groups
  • Songs of faith and gratitude for those in those places of the unknown and recovery
  • Songs of nature and healing for well-being

    One does not need to specifically use the music in those areas as all the songs can stand alone just for the 
enjoyment of learning a simple song on the harp. The accompaniments on the DVDs creates a lovely background so that the harp player can learn rhythm and enjoy the full success of becoming an artist!

    The beautiful DVDs show the processes of playing the tunes.

    • Those having no musical background easily learn these tunes
    • Color codes and numbers achieve success in music making

    The songs are also multi-level arranged for groups of people including special needs and those with physical challenges 
so that they can be part of a Harp Circle playing the tunes together.

    Research has proven that when people experience the sound of relaxing music, they relax which leads to deeper breathing. In turn, this helps in the oxygenation of the body helping people to gain a better sense of well-being. The songs are categorized into collections that appeal to people in different emotional and physical states.

    “Our world of senses is the world of effects. What works in each being produces an image in others just as plucking a string produces sound. Each being is a harpist on someone else’s strings and at the same time a harp for someone else’s fingers.”—Robert Hamerling, poet, 1830-1889

    Colour My World Series

    Colour My World (Misc)

    Creative Harping

    Introducing the Creative Harping Series
    – learning to play music by ear – and so much more!

    For over two decades, the Creative Harping comprehensive teaching method has freed harp players from the written page, allowing them to create their own music and experience the joys of improvisation and ‘jamming’ with fellow musicians.
    This ground-breaking tuition Series offers 10 unique Courses, delivered as a collection of video-lessons, and are available as DVD sets as well as via Online Streaming.

    Each video-lesson is enhanced with beautiful scenery depicting the mood of the music, and each Course will introduce you to new songs to add to an ever-expanding repertoire for you to use as a springboard from which to jump into your own improvisations and creativity.

    “Would you love to know how to play for hours on end, on your own or with other musicians, without needing any music – effortlessly drawing upon tunes and chord-cycles and improvising on them whilst moving through a rich variety of moods and flavors of music?

    So many people who have gone through the Creative Harping Program from start to finish now have this ability to enrich their own lives as well as those of family, friends and audiences.”

    Therapeutic music for everyone!
    The Creative Harping Series provides the basis for music development for students of the IHTP International Harp Therapy Program and is particularly suitable for harp players who have an interest in communicating through music in a healing environment.

    How to use the Creative Harping Program
    – learning at your own pace…
    We do recommend that you proceed step by step through the lessons in each Course – and each Course builds on the previous one, so likewise are best done sequentially.
    Finding your own pace is important, so do resist the urge to rush ahead or bite off too much in one go!  And do try to both watch and play along regularly.

    Each Course is a similar price to just one lesson with music teacher!
    – and Creative Harping lessons can last a lifetime!

    Watching them as often as you like whilst consulting the accompanying Course Support Papers means you can extract every last bit of knowledge in your own time. Plus the benefits and enjoyment from playing along with the videos grows and grows…!

    For players of all abilities

    Because the focus of the Creative Harping Program is learning how to improvise without the need of written music, it has proven popular with musicians of all abilities. 
It has been specially created to cater both for the ‘beginner’ harpist as well as experienced players who wish to get away from just reading the dots and want to learn the art of improvisation, creating spontaneous music that flows effortlessly from one feeling to another.

    “Christina Tourin is a compassionate leader in the art of creative teaching. She enables her students to bring forth the music from within, while giving them the solid foundations of musical training and technique.”

    Join In Series

    The Join In Series provides the player the opportunity to work on rhythm and play along with professional musicians. You can also play along with most any melody instrument.

    This back-up music performed on a variety of instruments will bring a new aspect to your music playing.
    You can play along with this CD using almost any melody instrument, harp or piano.
    In addition, there are solo as well as some duet and ensemble arrangements.

    Within this JOIN IN Series of music books, you will explore music from different cultures while building skills in rhythmic and sensemble playing.

    Healing Music for Harp Or Piano

    The Healing Music Book Series comprising of Illuminations and Inspirations offer songs that are used throughout hospital and hospitals.

    Explore the Healing Music series to learn about:

    • Five qualities of individualised music
    • Mood of the Music

    • Tempos
Resonant Tone
    • Musical Codas/notation
    • Intervals
    • Tone Quality and Deliverance of Musisc
    • Genre (11 categories with guide of popular music by year)

    and much more….

    White Rose Music Book

    White Rose music-book by Christina Tourin – Innovative and magical harp music centered around the theme of the rose, in many colors and forms. Intermediate level.

    The White Rose Harp Music Book is full of innovative and magical harp music centered around the theme of the rose, in many colors and forms. For example, the Red Rose represents our soul, and the White Rose a symbol of pure love.

    This delightful collection of songs presents a summer walk through a garden full of bloom! As if specially created for an outdoor concert (with afternoon tea!) in a friend’s beautiful arboretum and flower garden?

    This book contains 10 lovely harp songs for you to play and enjoy. Some are definitely at their best when played up to speed as catchy little jigs and reels, while others are more reflective, like the Last Rose of Summer.  

    All of the songs in this book are also on the White Rose CD, which you may wish to also purchase as it can help with getting the right tempos and  rhythmic ‘feel’.

    Please note: Four of the 14 songs on the CD (Wind Rose by Patricia John, The Rose by Amanda MacBroom, In the Garden by Charles Schuetz and Prelude in C by J.S. Bach) do not appear in the book due to copyright restrictions.

    Harp Therapy Manual and Heaven’s Seven

    Christina Tourin’s 600-page Cradle of Sound: the Harp Therapy Manual is widely regarded as the most complete and comprehensive book ever offered in the ever-expanding field of harp therapy.

    Cradle of Sound Harp Therapy Manual

    Written by one of the world’s pioneers in therapeutic music, the Harp Therapy Manual addresses over 100 specific topics and aims to cover everything you could ever wish to know about harp therapy – including helpful practical information on how to become a professional harp therapy practitioner working in a variety of arenas particularly within healthcare and community services.

    This ‘landmark’ guidebook/manual is central to the courses offered by the IHTP (International Harp Therapy Program) as well as an ideal companion for students of the 10-part Creative Harping Series

    Celestial Harp Music for Healing

    Heaven’s Seven is a compilation of music that is perfect for relaxation, as well as massage sessions and other healing modalities such as reiki, aromatherapy, energy balancing, etc.

    This MP3 Download contains seven energy centers of sound vibrations (C, D, E, F, G, A, B). Each of the seven chakras begins with the correlating musical tone which establishes the resonance to match an individual person. People will find their resonant tones by identifying with the keys of music that hold each of the seven collections of tunes.

    Within each of the tonal centers (C, D, E, etc.) the music begins in a reflective (inward) modality and journeys toward an uplifting (outreaching) mood. Each chakra is cleared with an ethereal series of glissandos on the harp.

    Used in conjunction with healing sessions, the energies can overlap like landings on a spiral staircase, to create a beautiful, total, harmonious experience.

    Spirals of energy frequencies embrace everything from matter to flavors, to aromas, to soundwaves, to visible light, to Spirit energy.

    Especially beautiful is the ending crown center composition which Christina composed entitled: Om Usui Sama Hung.

    Christina does not claim a strict or fixed correlation of any of these groupings to address any one particular chakra. She has purposely left the subject open in order to let the recipient be the one who chooses which of the groupings speak to an area in their body that soothes and stimulates their own vibrational relationship to the sounds at that particular time in their life.

    “Spirals of energy frequencies embrace everything from matter to flavors, to aromas, to soundwaves, to visible light, to Spirit energy.“

    Note: Heaven’s Seven is included with the comprehensive and ground-breaking book, the Harp Therapy Manual, which is now available as a download as well as in print form.

    Here’s a sample file (that you can also download) with a sample from each track included in this Download

    Track Listing: (note: these are just samples, when you purchase this package you will be able to download the full MP3 tracks)
    Heaven’s Seven #1 in C (mp3 length 13:44)
    Heaven’s Seven #2 in D (mp3 length 14:07)
    Heaven’s Seven #3 in E (mp3 length 6:30)
    Heaven’s Seven #4 in F (mp3 length 6:08)
    Heaven’s Seven #5 in G (mp3 length 5:58)
    Heaven’s Seven #6 in A (mp3 length 5:27)
    Heaven’s Seven #7 in B (mp3 length 5:37)

    Exploring the expanding world of Harp Therapy – start here!

    If you have a keen interest in entering the world of harp therapy and are still researching the various courses and trainings on offer from the various organisations around the world then the Harp Therapy Manual can provide the most comprehensive and helpful place to start – and is likely to become a personal core textbook throughout your studies, regardless of which program or route you ultimately choose.

    It is a must-have resource for anyone with an interest in the therapeutic powers of music, including musicians, artists, therapists, medical professionals, researchers, sound healers, alternative health practitioners, caregivers – anyone who wishes to use music as a healing, life-giving medium.

    The MP3 album-download is also included (Heaven’s Seven)

    The Harp Therapy Manual comes with a 74-minute MP3 files, Heaven’s Seven: Music for Healing Sessions – a recording of celestial harp music that demonstrates how sound vibration modalities create a harmonious experience. The CD can be used as part of the practical learning program offered by the manual, as well as during therapy sessions. (7 x mp3 files will accompany the PDF version of the book when you purchase)

    The book includes special contributions by: Donald Campbell, Joshua Leeds, Fabian Maman, Jeff Volk and other leaders in the field of Sound and Healing.

    Download your copy now…

    As an alternative to the traditional ‘weighty tome’ (at nearly 600 pages, it really is!) the Harp Therapy Manual is now available here as a PDF-file download.

    Topics include:

    • History, research and data: up-to-date statistics and information about harp therapy as well as its origins
    • Documented stories: true accounts that show how harp therapy has transformed patients’ lives
    • Personal glimpses: expert insights from the author about the harp therapy movement
    • Medical Curriculum: interactive work, ethics and etiquette in hospitals and other healing environments. Familiarity with hospital protocols as well as ward facilities and machines
    • Musical knowledge: including improvisation techniques, understanding modes, intervals, tempo, tonal quality and other musical elements
    • Musical techniques: including entrainment, inclusive attention, resonant tone, vibroacoustics
    • Sensitivity to subtle energies: including energy patterns, chakras, Chinese Five Elements, Tai Chi
    • Mysticism and Science: Music of the Spheres, near-death and out-of-body experiences
    • Instances where the harp can be used: Alzheimer’s disease, Attention Deficit Disorder, anxiety, autism, cancer, cerebral palsy, coma, dentistry, hearing impaired, migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, neo-natal, palliative care, Parkinson’s disease, pediatrics, etc.
    • Where the harp can be used: prisons, psychiatric hospitals, rehabilitation centers, Tai Chi centers, disaster relief situations, military establishments
    • Other Healing modalities: The possible interrelation with other healing modalities and therapies such as Alexander Technique, Reiki, Resonant Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Toning, Transactional Analysis, NLP and Counseling
    • Starting a vocational practice: getting training and jobs, marketing, promoting harp therapy, etc.
    • The relationship between Music Therapy and Harp Therapy
    • Hospices and the dying process
    • The grieving process
    • Working with pets and other animals
    • Useful Resources: sources of suitable music, buying a harp for therapeutic use, The National Certification requirements for Therapeutic Musicians in the USA
    • And much, much more!


    A final word from the author, Christina Tourin

    For the future, I would like to see the union of science and spirituality become an accepted everyday occurrence. Unifying the intuitive and mystical practices of the first millennium with the advances of science developed in the second millennium, I look forward to the acceptance of both qualitative and quantitative outlooks of healing as we enter into our third millennium. The grace and power of Spirit is so essential to our well-being – and with music, we can enter into these mystical realms.

    What People Say…

    What people say...

    Beauteous, inviting and informative – what a wonderful contribution you have made. The book is simply juicy with information, inspiration and empowerment. May your program continue to grow and grow. Hope I can continue to be a part of it as it grows.

    Don Campbell

    author of The Mozart Effect

    What a beautiful, comprehensive, interesting manual of your wonderful program and vision of harp therapy for the world!

    Cynthy J.

    Your tome arrived here the other day and I have to say I am REALLY impressed! I can’t imagine the amount of work it took to pull this together.

    Jeff Volk

    maker of the documentary Of Sound Mind and Body: Music and Vibrational Healing

    I appreciate so deeply your commitment to sharing the voices of graduates. The experiences of those in the field have a resonance that makes the energy field of the book enormous.

    Linda H.

    The book is extremely well done, very comprehensive, and a great resource.

    Beverley R.

    For me, to think about it all as a “cradle of sound’... Well, in my imagination it is as big as an ark to encompass all the lives you have touched, and as a result, all the lives that others have touched in turn!

    Anita L.

    Buy your Harp Therapy manual now

    Christina Tourin's 600-page Cradle of Sound: the Harp Therapy Manual is widely regarded as the most complete and comprehensive book ever offered in the ever-expanding field of harp therapy.