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  • Steps-to-PlayHarp-02Never played the harp before?
  • Ready for your first harp lessons?
 Already a harp player?
  • Are you a harp student?
  • A teacher ?

  • Simply a lover of harp music?
  • Interested in Learning about AYUDH”s Harp Service and Youth Orchestra ?

  Our websites will help you explore countless ways to develop your playing and enjoy the harp.

  We can even help you find a professional placement in the harping world.come on in and explore the harp!

  Virtual Harp Music – Play Harp online .with the click of a mouse! You can impress your family and friends as you have fun playing a tune on-line! Great for all ages!

  Then. start your Harp Studies and obtain your materials at the Emerald Harp Online Shop where you will find Therapy Harps, and Harp Instruction Books/videos and CD”s.


 Start your journey into harp therapy here.The International Harp Therapy Campus (IHTP) site offers Online Courses and Schedules; vocational information; study at home materials and a list of trained therapeutic Harp Practitioners throughout the world.

Check out the Rainbow of Sound – Color My World site for our new CAREER opportunities for current harp players!

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