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  • Never played the harp before?
  • Ready for your first harp lessons?
  • Already a harp player?
  • Are you a harp student?
  • A teacher?

  • Simply a lover of harp music?

  Our collection of websites will help you explore countless ways to enjoy the harp and harp playing.

  We can even help you find a professional placement in the harping world. Come on in and explore the harp!

  Find everything you need at the Emerald Harp Online Shop including harps for sale, harp instruction courses, music-books and sheet music,  and fine harp music on CD and audio-downloads, and so much more!

FREE LESSON ONLINE! Introducing the Creative Harping Series – learn how to improvise on the harp without written music using the different modes for mood and color – here


 Start your journey into harp therapy here.The International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP) website offers a full introduction to the world of harp therapy, including our renowned training courses, career/vocational information; study-at-home materials and a list of trained therapeutic Harp Practitioners throughout the world.

Check out the Rainbow of Sound website for career opportunities in teaching harp in groups using the Rainbow of Sound and Color My World Programs.

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