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Welcome to Christina Tourin’s Harp Study Tutorials!

Our collection of tutorials will help you
explore countless ways to enjoy the harp and harp playing.

There are 3 Harp Study programs that can meet the needs of any age and level of playing the harp!

     Rainbow of Sound™        Color My World with HarpⒸ    Creative Harping SeriesⒸ
especially for Children       for the adult/teen/senior          Learn to Play by Ear and
Magical                                  Beginner                            Improvise – Beg. to Adv.

  • Never played the harp before?
  • Ready for your first harp lessons?
  • Already a harp player?
  • Are you a harp student?
  • A teacher?

  • Simply a lover of harp music?

FREE LESSON ONLINE! Introducing the Creative Harping Series – learn how to improvise on the harp without written music using the different modes for mood and color – here

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