Play a ‘Virtual Harp’ here!

Note: The Virtual harp Player uses old Adobe Flash technology that some browsers on some devices will block by default.

Lesson 1
Have fun playing the Virtual Harp!

1.  You can roll your mouse over the strings up in the corner to create a glissando – slow, even and steady will produce the best sound!

2.  For your first lesson, click on the Home D image. You will hear a steady count and should try to match that slow rhythm. By staying on the outside of the harp image where you see D1 and D2, you can enter one note at a time by coming into the harp and going back out in a horizontal motion. This way you can control which notes you would like to play or you may slowing roll over the strings. Aim to end up on the D1 or D2 to have a sense of completion to your improvisation.

You may do the same for Home G and then Home A.  The count will be different on each example.

You have just played in the Dorian mode – a nice grounding feeling; in the Mixolydian mode – a lighter more outreaching feeling and the Aeolian mode – an introspective mood.


Lesson 2
Notes and Tunes

Here you will find 6 tunes. When you click on the little circle before the name of the tune, there will Begrenset til kun Mr Green spillere og utsmykket i ekte Mr Green stil onsker de vennlige dealerne deg velkommen til det beste spillet du har spilt!Ga inn i en ny dimensjon av LIVE Roulette underholdning. be a note sequence that will appear.  You can pick out the notes on the harp to create the tune.  You may even want to create your own tune with out any note charts!  These are individual notes that you will click on rather than rolling over the notes. Have fun!

Think of the various places you can introduce this wonderful virtual PlayHarp activity!  We”ve used it in rehab units, in pediatrics, in schools, granchildren looking for something to do while visiting grandma and grandpa!


Let”s see how far this virtual harp travels throughout the world!  We would love to hear your story of where and who you are! And who have you played for!  If you are interested in learning to play the harp, you will find beginner materials on this site as well as affordable harps and teachers who can instruct you on-line!  Drop us a note here and tell us your story or ask any questions!  You can write your comment here!

15 responses to “Play a ‘Virtual Harp’ here!”

  1. Christina says:

    Greetings everyone! I’m looking forward to hearing from you – where you are from and how you got on playing the virtual harp! Christina

  2. Carmen Zephyr says:

    LOL, I just had a go of this & thought it was truly wonderful 🙂 What a great Idea!
    Happy Holiday Season to you Christina.
    Oceans of Love Carm (from Taz)

  3. Suzanne says:

    Love the virtual harp. It was great being able to connect with the harp on my computer. Makes it really easy and fun!

  4. christy says:

    hi! i love your virtual harp! since i’m a kid, and i live in a small apartment, my parents had a decided a harp would not exactly be the best instrument for me. shame. i found your website, and i’ve been playing it everyday!

    friend: hey, wanna come to my house after school to hang out?

    me: sorry no. i need to practice my harp

    friend: you have a harp?

    me: errr kind of

  5. Monika L. says:

    I don’t know how I found this website. I believe I was guided by a higher power. I play the flute and have always been fascinated by the harp. Thank you for this web site! The virtual harp is so fun! Mesmerized and intrigued. The harp is the instrument of angels. Harp music heals. I would like to buy a harp but do not have the money right now. How much does a beginners harp cost? What would be considered intermediate?
    ANy info is greatly appreciated. I live in Phoenix Arizona. I love the harp! Blessings!

  6. Aquilina says:

    This virtual harp plays surprisingly well, though I prefer to use my 12-string Roosebeck harp. I recently started playing, and this will work for learning until I get lessons. Thank you for making the virtual harp!

  7. Keshia says:

    oh! this was so fun! Thank you so much!

    I found the notes for Noble Maiden Fair (A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal) I hope it’s okay, just wanted to share:

    E2E2, D2E2, G2
    D2, C2D2, E2
    C2, A1A1, G1, A1, C2, D2
    E2E2, D2, E2, G2
    D2, C2D2, E2, C2, A1, G1, A1C2, C2

  8. Stephanie says:

    Awesome! I’m a kid too, and I dream of playing the harp.
    It’s such an angelic instrument! I don’t think they offer harp classes at my school, but knowing that I can play it virtually here, satisfies me. My journey to learning how to play the harp has begun. 😀

  9. John says:

    My late friend Pegi and I went to music school together, me a flutist and she a harpist. 20 years after college, we were in the same nursing classes together, both of us having decided to switch careers to something more service oriented. I miss Pegi, so I want to learn to play the harp in her memory.

  10. Chianna says:

    This is beautiful. I’m bless to find this site. There’s a string that pulls on my heart for this sounding instrument. I don’t know if it’s in me, to play or I just love the sound of these playing heart strings. But there is a string that vibrates in me toward this type of music and instrument that I must follow the quest and make the dream a reality. To find this site is refreshing. I am loving this virtual harp. I’m nearer to my riverbed and a harp is brought to me : ) . Thank you for a closer touch.

  11. Mohammed says:

    Its great.I have never seen the same.And i have never play music.With this harp.I think I can do music.Thank you
    A question please anser to my email.
    can I use the music that i do with this harp in youtube.Thank you

  12. Amarilis Zuniga says:

    OMG i love playing da harp!!!

    I’ve been playing the baby harp but dont think its for babies the reason why its called that is because its so small…and cute…and it doesnt have hat much strings but it sure is fun!!!

  13. Joe says:

    Thank you for this site. I searched all morning trying to find how to tune the harp and I found your site. I was losing faith as supposed harp players were commenting all on the internet that you cant play anything on a 12 string harp. Your site destroyed that. Thanks, my lil girl wants to learn. 🙂

  14. This is delightful. Thanks a lot! I love the sound of the harp. So soothing!

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