Harp Circles

Harp Circle

Harp Circle brings music-making events, experiences, and training to organizations and communities worldwide. Harp Circle is dedicated to facilitating these events, fostering human potential and building strong community groups through the joyful experience of music.

What is a Harp Circle?

The basic Rainbow of Sound/Color My World Harp Circle comprises a set of 6 small harps that can be used in groups or individually. The Harp Circle brings players together in community for creative music making. The programs are based on the synergistic concept that many individual parts create the whole and therefore, it encourages each person to do their part, no matter how easy or simple it may be to add to the complete harmony.

The music that is facilitated is age and level appropriate. We have programs for pre-school, elementary school, teen programs, adult programs and senior programs as well as for special needs, rehabilitation units, support groups to name a few.
Depending on the type of facility

engaging the Harp Circle, there are different programs formats. Please view these formats under your specific type of organization.


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