Our tutorials will help you explore countless ways to enjoy the harp and harp playing.

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With Christina’s Tutorials you will learn to play easy songs & how to extend them with improvisational patterns. This will enable you to learn to play-by-ear!

 Prepare for the next round of lessons starting September 9, 2020.

Take this time to study the free lesson and Lessons #1 and 2 to prepare for the next intake.  When you feel excited and ready prior to the start of July 1st, sign in below for Lesson’s #2-#10. You will then receive your lesson #2 and the information for the first webinar  that will take place on Wednesday July 1st.  On July 3rd, you will receive your lesson #3. Webinars have become virtual family events where we learn from one another and enjoy each other’s improvisations! Depending if we have people sign up from Europe or Asia/Australia, will determine the time of day.  We aim to have two alternating times so that everyone gets at least 1 webinar in a month.  Lessons will continue for 5-6 months.  Our group 1 is now on Lesson #25 and what a huge jump them have made in their playing!

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Sept. 9, 2020 – Group 1 – #2 – #10 – $160. ($18. each)
learning the basic of Improvisations on easy tunes then continue on with our previous students!

Lessons – #21 – #30 – $160. ($16. each)
Lessons – #11 – #20 – $160. ($16. each)
Lessons – #21 – #30 – $160. ($16. each)
Lessons – #2 – #10 – $160. ($18. each)
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FREE Lesson #1 – How to Find the Mode and Aeolian Mode


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Lesson #1 – Follow up Webinar on the Aeolian Mode and How To Find The Mode of a Piece.


You may study How To Find The Mode of a Piece further in-depth by accessing our FREE Creative Harping Lesson.


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We just finished 6 months of lessons with 52 students and the skills we’ve seen, musicality and improvisational, have been remarkable!
See Testimonials Below.

Christina’s Tutorials will get you started on the basics of improvisation for each of the modes that we utilize. Afterwards, the Creative Harping DVD Series will take your new skills to the next level. The Creative Harping DVD Series is offered to Tutorial Students at a 50% discount.  You will have 1 year after you sign up for the Tutorials to be able to purchase the more indepth improvisational patterns.
For the discount invoice, please CONTACT Christina.
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Creative Harping DVD Series

Lessons are pre-recorded to ensure quality for your study.
Follow-up bi-weekly webinars are hosted by Zoom.us, the schedule will be determined by the majority of the students and rotated on the most favorable dates. Recordings will be available for those from countries in various time zones who not able to attend the webinars.
(Private online lessons can be available for an additional cost.)

What you can expect from the Lessons – each will have beginning improvisation
Lesson #2 – The Dorian Mode
Lesson #3 – The Aeolian Mode
Lesson #4 – The Mixolydian Mode
Lesson #5 – The modified Locrian Mode
Lesson #6 – The Ionian Mode
Lesson #7 – The Pentatonic Mode
Lesson #8 – The Middle Eastern Mode
Lesson #9 – The Chinese Five Elements
Lesson #10 – The Celtic Circle
More in-depth left hand patterns are from the Creative Harping Series that will augment these lessons. As a Tutorial Student, you receive a 50% discount on this Series. CONTACT Christina for an invoice.

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Enroll now for Lessons starting in Sept. 9, 2020!

Lessons – #2 – #10 – $160. ($18. each)

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You may also send a check or money order, payable to: Christina Tourin-EHP, P.O. Box 333, Mount Laguna, CA 91948
Once you have made payment, Christina will contact you with Links to the lessons and Webinars.

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“I did want to tell you how clear you made finding the modes. I have another book and have touched on the modes in theory, other webinars and just trying to figure them out on my own. After watching your first free lesson I understood, finally, a way to understand.” – SL

“I really appreciated how much you gave to the workshop I went to in Auckland during the year, with lots of patience for people like me with limited ability.” – GB

“You and my harp “Angelita” were such an important part of my life and brought me such joy. I’m happy to help spread that joy to others.” – JT

I didn’t know what to expect from Christina or indeed from the whole teachings.  I was surprised by how down-to-earth, encouraging, and humorous she could be.  She seemed to be one part musician, one part teacher, one part entrepreneur and one part mystic. -RS

“You are a marvelous teacher. I am still learning from the class you led in San Diego so many years ago!” – RM

“I absolutely love Christ in Tour in and her lovely passion that clearly shows through her music and how many she has touched, including myself. I have to tell you, after pursuing the Harp for a while, there has only been two Harpists that I have really play with true passion. You are the main one I have heard and fell in love with your music. Sure a lot of people can play, but to truly play with passion, You, I admire very much”.- CH

TESTIMONAL for the IHTP Program:  “I love the description of the IHTP’s intense studies as “a Hogwartz mystery school for musicians”….. I chose to enroll in the IHTP  because I was so impressed by Christina Tourin’s profound spirituality…..her life has been such a mystical journey and she has birthed her visions into reality which has brought such great healing into this world. In 2010, I was corresponding with her via e-mail for copyright permission for two songs she had composed which I loved and wanted to use on my harp Cd…that eventually led to a telephone conversation. Immediately after having spoken with her via telephone, suddenly, the walls of the room disappeared and I was flooded in bright sunlight….it was an amazing experience….before that conversation with her, I did not have the courage or stamina needed to fulfill a long cherished dream of becoming a certified harp therapy practitioner. It has been an absolutely magical journey…..but so grounded in the science of sound. Perhaps the IHTP is so special because it gives science a soul. “- JH

“I can’t express how much taking the harp therapy program has changed my life. I never thought it could lead to something so wonderful. I am closing the music school that I run, to give 100% to my new job. I will forever be grateful to you both for your encouragement and leadership.” – SD

“I am a music therapist. I can happily say that the IHTP program has greatly enriched my playing, perception and therapeutic resourcefulness.  It has also provided me with a sense of rapport and belonging to a community of harp therapists not available as yet in the field of music therapy.  Finally, Christina’s concept of “Resonant Tone” has been a special ally not only during regular sessions, but especially when playing for patients who are non-verbal, moaning, or comatose.  Her way of showing how to use double resonance has been indispensible when dealing with annoying environmental buzzers and beeps.  Before this program, I would have likely stopped the music until the extraneous noise finished.  Now, I can easily incorporate the rhythm and pitch into the music that best serves the patient/client in the moment.” -JP