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This Month’s Special:   Jessiebelle of Silbury Hill
by Joanna Vale and Christina Tourin

For your free 2 CD set of Jessiebelle of Silbury Hill (in the USA, please go to this PAGE OF SHEET MUSIC and choose one of the songs for $5.00.  This will offer you the sheet music of any song you choose plus the cost of shipping the 2 CD Story Set via media mail. I will receive your information and notify you that the CDs are on the way – plus you get to listen to more compositions and have music to play or gift to someone. You may contact me and request and extra CD set to be included for free to also gift to another person.

To receive the book  – The Secret, the sequel to the The Dream (or if you are from outside the USA, please contact Joanna through her website at http://www.Jessiebelle.com. You may obtain both from her under her own conditions.

My offer will expire at the end of the month.




~Looking to learn to play the harp?
~Already play but want to learn to improvise
without having to read music?
~Thinking about a helping career as a therapeutic musician and needing to prepare for entry to a training program?

Then Christina’s Tutorials is just for you.  We offer easy step-by-step fun affordable on-line lessons for you to fulfill your dreams. Be part of a harp circle family at any level of playing!

I offer you a first free lesson and to check out Christina’s Tutorials today!


The Emerald Harp online shop is where you will find all the harp products and accessories featured throughout our sites. Harps – Recordings – Instruction Books+DVD’s – Therapy Manuals – Music Books with CD’s and much more – visit now!
The International Harp Therapy Program offers trainings and career opportunities and clearly maps out your path towards becoming a fully trained Therapeutic Harp Practitionervisit now!
What is a Harp Circle?  For harp entrepreneurs to create their own business, as well as for administrators and facility directors who need a plan and clear path to integrate a music program in their environment. (i.e. Schools, Retirement Homes, Support Groups, Community Gatherings). We offer customised, affordable solutions – start your project nowvisit now!
Interested in a career/vocation as a Harp Facilitator? This website will show you how to create a community music-making Harp Circle and establish a lucrative career – everything you need in a turn-key programvisit now!
Please visit our ANGEL HARPS non-profit 501c-3 organization to see how your donations can help our work

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 Start your journey into harp therapy here.The International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP) website offers a full introduction to the world of harp therapy, including our renowned training courses, career/vocational information; study-at-home materials and a list of trained therapeutic Harp Practitioners throughout the world.

Check out the Rainbow of Sound website for career opportunities in teaching harp in groups using the Rainbow of Sound and Color My World Programs.