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Our secure online shop where you will find all the harp products and accessories featured throughout our sites. Harps – Recordings – Instruction Books, DVD’s – Therapy Manuals – Music Books with CD’s and much more: 
New to Harping? This site will help you to get started learning the harp. Experience online  lessons in your home with our support. This is also where you will find the latest news on Christina’s travels, new announcements, links to social media and much more. We have created a unique virtual harp online for you to enjoy… start playing today. Come join us:
For administrators and facility directors who need a plan and clear path to integrate a music program in their environment. (i.e. Schools, Retirement Homes, Support Groups, Community Gatherings). We offer customised, affordable solutions – start your project now: 
For anyone who plays the harp, this website will show you how to create a community music-making Harp Circle and establish a lucrative career – everything you need in a turn-key program: 
Trainings and career opportunities that are available showing you the path towards becoming a fully trained Therapeutic Harp Practitioner:
Tickets Two exciting Concerts come to the Kona Coast Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza Hotel – Mission Valley The International Harp Therapy Program sponsors a concert on Sunday, March 15th featuring Alfredo Rolando Ortiz, (South America), Mary Doumany (Australia), Sunita Staneslow (Israel), Lynn Saoirse (Ireland), Liu Hsiu Kuo (Taiwan), and Christina Tourin and friends. (USA).
St. Patrick”s Day – Tuesday, March 17th – 7 p.m. – bring the family!  100 Harp players from around the world perform all Celtic music for a splendid concert!  

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